Native Natsumi 1/7 Scale

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Introducing the long-awaited second casting of an original character from saitom: "Natsumi."

Natsumi - the beautiful girl who appeared on the cover of saitom's doujinshi WRAPPING - has now been made into a figurine.
This figure feels like it came straight out of that image, with Natsumi giving the same serious look.
We bring to you a top-quality model using saitom's supple bodylines and white skin, with a sparkling swimsuit and red stockings well-suited to the character's long legs.
A background stand and camera for replicating the photo scene is included, making exhibition that suggests a photo atmosphere a possibility.
Also, we will choose five customers ordering the figurine at random to receive a "Natsumi Special Swimsuit Torso" as a present.
Please enjoy Natsumi's wonderful proportions with a prized camera.
*There may be modifications made to the manufacturing process of the fishnet stockings.